Events & Galas


Compromises? Not here! This is our commitment to you and it means that we will meet even your most exacting expectations when it comes to festive and glamorous events standards. In fact, we will make sure that your experience is not only extraordinary, but also unforgettable. The  BALLHAUSFORUM at the INFINITY MUNICH is the best possible venue for your important events. Our superior service and our culinary creations complement the setting perfectly.


For groups of up to 2,750 guests
More than 2,700 m2 of exhibition space
Room height 11.5 m
Light cupola height 18.5 m
Natural daylight provided by the light cupola, which can be covered if needed
Accessible driveway for cars, platforms, etc.
73 suspension points with a load bearing capacity of 500 kg each
High voltage sockets
Artists’ dressing rooms
1000 complimentary parking spaces
24h set up and break down service