Special Events


Turn your special events into truly “special moments” – with our help: The flexibility, size and unique ambiance of the BALLHAUSFORUM at the INFINTY MUNICH will help turn your extraordinary celebration or event into a fantastic success. Whether you are planning a concert, sports event or a show – at this venue the sky is the limit as far as the available options are concerned – or let’s just say we will embrace your ideas and creativity to make it happen. 


For groups of up to 2,750 guests
More than 2,700 m2 of exhibition space
Room height 11.5 m
Light cupola height 18.5 m
Natural daylight provided by the light cupola, which can be covered if needed 
Accessible driveway for cars, platforms, etc. 
73 suspension points with a load bearing capacity of 500 kg each
High voltage sockets 
Artists’ dressing rooms 
1000 complimentary parking spaces 
24h set up and break down service